About Us

Here at NHC, we LOVE the Books. We read it obsessively. And for each book we rate, we’ll let you know whether or not we think it helps break the book stigma, or perpetuate it.

Check out our list of book myths and responses, then get ready to become a PROUD book reader. book Rehab starts NOW!

​Take a look around. Pull up a comfy chair. Go ahead and put on your sweats (we don’t judge and we’re not very formal around here). Enjoy!

Who we are

I’m Jennifer, and I’ve read book novels ever since my grandma pressed one into my hand one day and told me sit down, be quiet and read. My blog partner, the Design Dude, is along for the ride as well. (If we ask really nicely, we might even get him to read some book novels and comment on them. Won’t that be fun??)