How the LSAT Destroys Socioeconomic Diversity

I wanted to take LSAT and when I told people who are close to me about that, they started warning me about a particular set of problems. There is a section known as analytical reasoning, logic games, and it is a section in which you will be tested for or your ability to group information and order it. The questions seem to be really easy when read, but these are the questions which stop thousands and thousands of people from scoring and attending the schools of their choices.


If you are someone who wants to get into a top Law School in the USA then you will need a score of 165 or higher out of 180. when we tried these questions about logic games, without preparation, we were able to score around 24 questions right meaning we scored around 160 before starting any other sections. This was surely not going to get us and do any top Law School.

There is a thing about logic games, students realized that all of the logic can be turned into an equation with variables. The concept is not that easy to grasp for new students. I have seen people who talked three calculus classes, two Physics classes, as well as 6 chemistry classes and still, get completely blank at the logic games part. This section requires a new skill set and we know that there are books which are available for preparing the section. The big companies provide books for the preparation of logic games And they are not what that expensive. But after spending some time trying to solve the problems in those books, students usually start looking for help.

Law School applicants

If you are one of the Law School applicants from good backgrounds, you will be having an easier time with logic games because you have a good amount of time to study. There are a good number of people who quit their jobs and talk several months off from other things for the preparation of this exam. Most of the times, their parents support them when they leave working and start studying for this exam.

If you want to master logic games, you need to be visual and you need to draw diagrams and charts in order to answer these questions. If you read those questions in a book and do not represent them in a diagram, it won’t be easy. If someone starts drawing the questions for you and coach you then it will be way easier. There are private sessions available from big companies or tutors but that you talk charge around $150 to $250 per hour and the companies with a number of students charge 950 dollars to 1600 dollars for 80 hours of class time.

Fortunately, there are now a good amount of online pathways available for the students to score well in their LSAT exam. they are affordable and you can access the preparation companies which offer online exclusively to the student who wants to challenge the exam. The teacher will work through the logic games on paper and then the student can pause the video and try it themselves. The online curriculum is developed by these companies and the videos consist of hundreds of hours of content in short chunks.

There are companies dedicated to free education as well as some minimum charges which help the students prepare for the LSAT the exam while only paying and 8th of the price of a standard course which the big companies offer. The people behind these companies thought that if the student saw the tutors solve each and every logic game ever created, they will be able to solve the section quite easily. That is the main reason the idea behind this thing was created.

With the growing numbers of these companies, the students will have less stress preparing for the LSAT the exam and it will make the logic games not much of an obstacle even if the students are not getting enough income.


We know that the LSAT the exam is not easy to crack for the students who are are not earning enough to afford the coaching classes. The situation has now changed and the students will surely be able to crack the exam if they are accessing the correct resources online. We hope that this article helped you out. Have a great day.…