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I Wrote A Latest Book About Electric Motorcycles, Here Are The Best 5 E-motors Of 2020

Being an electric vehicle journalist focusing on 2-wheelers, I have had the delight of driving many more than my fair share of electric motorbikes. I consider 2019 is the year that these fun, efficient, and robust vehicles, at last, take off and get the mass market interest that they deserve. And so it is with immense joy that I get to pronounce that that my new book, Electric Motorcycles 2019, comes out today. And it is accessible for up to 90 per cent off for a limited period.

How The Electric Motorcycle Industry Is Growing!

Electric motorcycles are not new. Industry leader, Zero Motorcycles, has by now bashed past their 10th anniversary. But what was one time a small market with just little niche bikes has developed into a much bigger industry with a significant number of contesting electric scooters and motorcycles?

They continue to rule with their latest SR/F electric streetfighter released in February. I had the privilege of being front and centre at the inauguration, where I revealed the news for Electrek. I have also received the opportunity to testify on Harley Davidson’s LiveWire after attaining up close and private with the latest motorcycle in several countries.

In fact, in just the last year, I have had the luck of disclosing news on everything from California established Lightning’s latest Strike Electric Sportbike to Evoke’s latest Electric Cruiser motorcycle, based in Beijing And while I have been obliged by the chance to report on several of these bikes for Electrek, there are several other inspiring electric drives out there that haven’t even got the opportunity to bless our site yet.

I trust that these electric motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and dirt bikes deserve to be noticed by a larger audience, so I devoted my latest book to that venture. Only a part of the bikes in my book have ever been outlined on Electrek, and many are unexposed gems in the business.

Electric Motorcycles 2019 comprises more than 85 of the most eye-catching, innovative, impressive, and excellent electric motorbikes on the market today. The pages are full of performance/tech specs, industry analysis, and company details for each model. Makers from around the globe and their electric bikes were hand-picked to be presented in this book.

With so many latest models becoming accessible this year, I planned that I couldn’t remain any longer, and therefore Electric Motorcycles 2019 was initiated. I proposed to revise it each year with the most significant and newest electric 2-wheelers to make something that can become part industry guidebook and part coffee table. Take a look at my top 5 picks for the best e-bikes coming out this year.

Why Should You Trust Me?

If you are a daily reader of Electrek, then you might have come across my regular articles comprising the 2-wheeled EV industry. But if you discover your means here for the first time, greetings!

On top of that to writing for Electrek, I am also a writer that concentrates on producing books that educate people latest information and skills related to the electric power and electric bike industries. My first book, The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide, centres on assisting riders to change their pedal bikes into best electric bike for commuting. The next, DIY Lithium Batteries, is entirely about educating hobbyists how to securely create custom Li-on battery packs for analysis ranging from electric bikes and cars to home energy storage. And my latest book titled DIY Solar Power educates how simple it can be to create your solar-powered projects, like power projects like electric boats or solar power from home.

Writing down about transportation and electric power has always been zeal of mine. It is why I am so keyed up about my latest book

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